Company Introduction

Hangzhou Easy Can Tools Co., Ltd. is a professional entity that specializes in manufacturing and designing power tool accessories. We have built up complete range of drilling and cutting to satisfy the market demands.

Strategic far-sightedness allows us to recognize business trends and set long term product development plan which stands for application oriented solution. We visit the end-users regularly to get to know the application of users and listen to the voice of users,  we generate the product concept and ideas stands based on deep user insight. Our motivation is offering users easy using products with high quality and safety.

In order to supply our customers with high quality service, we need to balance the Time to customer, Quality and Cost. We have a very mature process controlling system to standardize our operating activity to make sure all of our business activities are well organized. Project oriented process make all the potential risk of our product development under controlling. Thus, we can guarantee our product quality and on time delivery to our customers.

Our ambitious target is supplying quality products to support our customers winning the marketWe aim to be the strategic partner to our customer rather than just a product supplier. Our customers choose us as long-term business partner not only for our stable quality, but also because of our professional know-how to the market, our reliability and our great customer service.

Wish to cooperate with you in the early future, your request motivates us making improvement and striving for success.

  • No.1008, Xiangwang Street, Yuhang District 311121, Hangzhou, China
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